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3 Health Hacks To Help You Survive Winter

It is not even full winter but the chilly wind, a little bit of rain has made the weather like winter season. If you are same as me then like me, you also have gone lazy these days. The resolutions that you would have made to go to gym every day, stop smoking and consumption of alcohol, taking healthy food that would have a lot of proteins and build muscles in 60 days. All of these have gone missing. You would not be even wanting to get up from your bed.

It happens to almost everyone. The cold weather craves desire for rum and a lot of pastries.

But now you do not have to worry a lot for this. According to a research done recently, it is found that even a small change in our daily habits can give us a healthy and fit body. Even a short duration of exercise, less than 10 minutes, can give you a lot of health benefits.

1) According to the scientists at McMaster University in Ontario, even 10 reps of highly exhaustive exercise (here exhaustive means that you don’t have enough energy to even get up on your own legs) has the same benefits as the exercise for long duration have on our body.
The article published in New York times also declared that a 7 minutes’ exercise which has a set of 12 high intensity workout session which involved workouts like jumping jacks, push ups and lunges showed a lot improved fitness and fat lose.


2) The researchers from Norway even cut down the exercise duration to just 4 minutes. Can you even imagine change in cardiovascular health in just 4 minutes?
Yes, it’s true! Just a sprinting for 4 minutes 3 times a week can give you an amazing lifelong cardiovascular fitness. So, you just have to take out 12 minutes of your time per week. Isn’t it amazing! It may be helpful if you are planning for weight lose but it would be great workout session for them who want to improve blood pressure and oxygen intake. So, do 12 minutes of exercise and get better heart health and mortality.

3) If you think that these types of intense exercises are not made for you or your body cannot do it. Then, you can go for fast walking. This would be easy for you. This has a lot of health benefits. Strat with just increase your walking speed by one minute per mile and it will reduce your risk of heart attack by fifty per cent. This is even helpful for diabetes patients as they get more amount of blood flow.
It is also said that the more you walk the less are the chances of your early death.

4) According to Researchers at Quebec University in Montreal, even sex has a lot of health benefits and if it’s a cold weather then you would even enjoy it better. It can burn your calories by 3-4 per minute.…