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2014 AFC


#bloggerRoyalty 2014 RnR San Diego

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Meb at 2014 RnR San Diego Expo

Just chillin with the Boston Marathon winner


Facinorous, Fadoodle, or Fatuous Friday

You pick… Regardless of which adjective you choose to call this friday, I just wanna wish you guys an Aloha Friday gangeez!  Hope this post finds all of you in good health and spirits!


And the verdict is…

Happy Monday gangeez.  Hopefully today is a start of a great week for everyone!  I’m gonna keep this post relatively short and sweet.  I’ve got lots on my plate today.  This weekend, we had one of our AC units konk out on us. The new unit and crane are coming soon.  Then I’ve got physical therapy hopefully for the last time before the Ventura full.  The race is less than 2 weeks away.


What’s Next and Inevitably an Ice Bucket Challenge

Aloha Friday gangeez!  I hope your Friday has started off well.  For me its been a little angst that I’m on the shelf this week.  I was able to see the doc and do a little bit of Alter-G, but no road running.  Fortunately the doc said I can go out for a run this weekend to see how the pinky toe feels.  Cross your toes fingers.


2014 America’s Finest City Half Marathon Recap

Well, I think I’ve gathered enough memories to give you guys, what will hopefully turn out to be a useful recap. I say that only because most of the 13.33 miles (according to garmin) had me crying in pain and I wasn’t able to focus on much.


Saturday ProCompression AFC Shakeout and InkNBurn winners

It’s Monday gangeez…and today means a reset for many things.  I have a slew of things to get off my chest but just haven’t had time to organize my thoughts and make it palatable for you readers.  By now, most of you know that I basically ran, jogged, and walked my last race to finish a combination of 12 straight half and full marathons.  Little did I know that the last race would be the one that I struggle with the most.


I’m stubborn, but you already know…

Well, Aloha Friday gangeez. We are off to San Diego! If we are counting consecutive races, finishing AFC this weekend will mean completing a 12 month stretch of at least 1 half or full marathon a month. You can see the current streak here.


Time to come clean

Ok, gangeez, if I could steal a title from my friend Flower, it would be WTFW. I haven’t been up and up with you guys, but it’s time to come clean. This morning, I got an x-ray and an mri done. Oh, and props to UHC…normally I wouldn’t pimp out a care provider, but when you only have to shell out $20 for a co-pay, get x-rays, get an mri AND get results all in the same morning, you deserve a TSA shout out.


Maniac Monday and Momentum Giveaway winners

Wassup gangeez!  It’s Monday!  T-minus 4 weeks until the Ventura Full.  T-Minus 6 days until America’s Finest City Half.  Ish is getting real and on the times I catch myself really thinking about the start line at Ventura, I get a little nauseous…just a little.


InkNBurn Giveaway

Aloha Friday gangeez!  Hope you guys have a kick ass day!!!  So first, just a gentle reminder that my Momentum Jewelry giveaway is going to end tonight.  You have until 11:59pm tonight to get your entry in.

When I Wake Up Wednesday

Happy hump day gangeez!  I woke up this morning pinching myself and checking my social media to see if I was still dreaming…