2014 Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas and an Easter egg hunt?

2014-11-16 22.28.06

Happy hump day gangeez.  Oh, man, this keyboard is a little rusty since not being used for a little while.  Glad I could bring you this post today.  I’ve still been seeing a steady stream of new registered users and this weekend my views were in the 200’s.  Wow, that is something amazing, especially since this blog will turn into somewhat of a diary with NO interaction.  Mahalo!

Continued marathon training and Blog suicide


Well, not so much blog suicide, but a blog “layoff”?  Or maybe a blog “hiatus”…  Whatever you wanna call it, this blog will be taking a short turn off the interweb highway and jumping back on and off again depending on priority. Oh, you say you get sick of just seeing race recaps and brand pimping now?  Well be ready with bucket in hand =).

Some horses and round deux of Marathon Training


Good morning gangeez.  Hope you guys had a terrific weekend.  It’s monday….Yaay!  Time to get moving gang.  Take Monday head on and go do work!

Let Jeff Hobbs teach you something


Did you miss my normal IG post race pic after Long Beach? Or how about my race recap about LB or the Beach Cities Challenge? Well, don’t worry, I’ll get those out in time.  But, I had me a little pity party on Sunday and really didn’t feel like posting anything because it was hands down the worst race I’ve done.

Cocogo Review, let’s talk hydration, and go get yours courtesy of RunEatTweetAZ


So, the temps are winding down here in AZ.  Thank goodness.  But, it’s been a brutal summer to try and get marathon training in.  Especially for me, I’m a sweat monster and tend to lose electrolytes faster than many of the runners I know.  And one of the most important things during marathon training especially here in Arizona is hydration.  

Sometimes I inspire myself.


Aloha Friday gangeez! T-minus 2 days until Long Beach. Don’t worry, I got the memo…have fun, listen to your body, take it easy…blah blah blah