22 + 13 = 39!


If you have kids or nieces and nephews in Junior high or high school, you know that supposedly they are learning the same academia that we did during our time in school.  Well, at least in math, they should be, right?  I mean, I watch The Big Bang theory and it doesn’t seem like there’s been any new advances in figuring out math problems.  I consider myself pretty good at math.  I’m a software engineer.  Solving problems is my forte.

Phoenix Marathon Winner and First Trail Race Done


Happy Monday gangeez!!! We have a couple of important things to get through today.  We have a winner in the Phoenix Marathon giveaway and also (kind of) a race run recap.

Hope you guys had a great weekend and a good start to your Monday!  Me,well this is a #futurePost, so I’m just chillin in my lazy boy with my legs propped up.  You know, trying to just enjoy some football, some much needed rest and relaxation in my fall Pro Compression socks, and cross my fingers that my fantasy football team makes it into the playoffs.  Papa needs a new pair of shoes!  

OH, and if you missed out on this November #some (sock of the month), you can still use my code BLG14 to get 40% off.  Yeah, yeah, I know…shameless plug =)

Last Day for the Phoenix Giveaway and the Start to a New Beginning


Aloha Friday Gangeez!  Hope this post finds you guys in good health, good spirits and ready for the weekend!  We will make this post short and sweet so you can carry on with your day and get ready for the weekend.

End of Year transition to 2015 and a Phoenix Marathon Giveaway


Happy Cyber Monday Gangeez!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and an awesome Black Friday…if that’s your cup o’ tea.  Mrs. TSA participated in a little bit of the Black Friday hooplah.  We mostly did the house cleaning thing and decided to chill for the 4 day weekend.  I mean, who want’s to get into beefs over Elmo’s and FitBits?

2014 Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas and an Easter egg hunt?

2014-11-16 22.28.06

Happy hump day gangeez.  Oh, man, this keyboard is a little rusty since not being used for a little while.  Glad I could bring you this post today.  I’ve still been seeing a steady stream of new registered users and this weekend my views were in the 200’s.  Wow, that is something amazing, especially since this blog will turn into somewhat of a diary with NO interaction.  Mahalo!

Continued marathon training and Blog suicide


Well, not so much blog suicide, but a blog “layoff”?  Or maybe a blog “hiatus”…  Whatever you wanna call it, this blog will be taking a short turn off the interweb highway and jumping back on and off again depending on priority. Oh, you say you get sick of just seeing race recaps and brand pimping now?  Well be ready with bucket in hand =).