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2014 AFC


#bloggerRoyalty 2014 RnR San Diego

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Meb at 2014 RnR San Diego Expo

Just chillin with the Boston Marathon winner


Marathon training…but first, let me take a vacation

Happy Monday gangeez!  Hope this post finds you all in great spirits.  Hope you had a kick ass weekend!  Today we start marathon training.


Hau`oli Lā Hānau to The Silent Assassin

Happy hump day gangeez!  If you follow me, you know that I completed #tsaOperation41For41 yesterday.  There’s a lot of ultra runners that I follow and I’m at awe at how these people can run well, well over 26.2 miles.  There’s actually ultras in the 100’s and some in the 150’s!


2014 Ventura Marathon Race Recap

Happy Monday gangeez!  For all of you in the Phoenix, Maricopa county location, I hope you all are dry and safe.  It is crazy out here in the greater Phoenix area.  Overnight we had 5 inches of rain in some areas.  There is flash flooding everywhere!  


Ventura Marathon Silent Saturday…not even close

Saturday morning here in Ventura was a little chilly…and I love it!  I went for a walk and ran smack into a farmers market.  I live in PV/Scottsdale area in AZ, and ummmmm, hello, we don’t have farmer’s markets.


And We Are Off to Ventura

Aloha Friday gangeez.  Here’s another post from the confines of Sky Harbor Airport.  We are on our way to Ventura by way of Burbank for the Ventura Marathon.  In my case, it’s the Ventura HALF Marathon.

Pic 19 - Final dish plated

#RunEatTweetAZ Blog Swap – Guest post by ‘Cook and Run with Kristin’

Hawaiian Food Healthified!

Aloha to the readers of The Silent Assassin! This is Kristin from Cook and Run with Kristin! I had the pleasure of meeting Shane through a Phoenix based runner/blogger group aptly named #RunEatTweetAZ.

move on

Happy Labor Day and tough runner decisions

First of all, Happy Monday gangeez, and Happy Labor day!  Hopefully today is rest from the normal 8-5 grind and you’re able to just chill and relax.  Me and the family will be doing some good ol’ house cleaning, then some swimming and BBQ to wind up the day.  Maybe even go out for an early evening movie.  We’ll see.


Facinorous, Fadoodle, or Fatuous Friday

You pick… Regardless of which adjective you choose to call this friday, I just wanna wish you guys an Aloha Friday gangeez!  Hope this post finds all of you in good health and spirits!


And the verdict is…

Happy Monday gangeez.  Hopefully today is a start of a great week for everyone!  I’m gonna keep this post relatively short and sweet.  I’ve got lots on my plate today.  This weekend, we had one of our AC units konk out on us. The new unit and crane are coming soon.  Then I’ve got physical therapy hopefully for the last time before the Ventura full.  The race is less than 2 weeks away.


What’s Next and Inevitably an Ice Bucket Challenge

Aloha Friday gangeez!  I hope your Friday has started off well.  For me its been a little angst that I’m on the shelf this week.  I was able to see the doc and do a little bit of Alter-G, but no road running.  Fortunately the doc said I can go out for a run this weekend to see how the pinky toe feels.  Cross your toes fingers.