2015 Phoenix Pride Race Recap and Takeaways


Wassup gangeez!  It’s humpday.  I hope the week is treating you well, and I hope this post finds all of you in good health and spirits!  For me, it’s been a pretty uneventful week.  I’m having to reset on my training for my fall runs, so all the miles have been slow and easy.  

This weekend I had a pretty cool running experience.  I needed to feel that coming off of my last debacle of a run.  But let’s not rehash those 3 letter right now.  Let’s move along, yes?!Today I’m re-capping the 2015 Phoenix Pride run… and as an extra bonus, I’ll also be giving you some insights and feelings on being an official race pacer.  So, you get a 2 for 1 today on reviews!  #jackpot.  HOWEVER, it might get a little long winded #oxymoron

I DNF’d the 2015 Crown King Scramble


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No, unfortunately, I am not kidding Howard… and yes, it’s April 1st, but NO, not an April Fools… I did DNF.

Oh man, the three letters I thought I’d never string together.  Well, if I thought writing the post recap of the Phoenix Marathon was excruciating, this one is turning out to be even worse.  Usually, I’ll have some direction on my posts, but I’m still in a state of shock over what happened at the 2015 Crown King Scramble 50k.  So, forgive me if I start to spew off total nonsense about how it sucks and how it’s been a tough pill to swallow looking at those 3 letters by my name on the results sheet.

I started with 1 and now I have over 2


…over 2 thousand that is.  That’s the number of followers I have on IG.  That’s just crazy to me.  I mean, I know I don’t have the tens of thousands of followers like other people I follow.  But in less than a year, I’ve somehow gained a little following that enjoys stomachs my posts about crazy 2 handed gang signs, slow jogging, mis-matched socks, eclectic shirts, and family life.  If I stopped down to actually count how many of my followers I actually know, it would probably be less than 2%.

Would I ever do it again? The 2015 Phoenix Marathon recap


Well, sort of a race recap.  Aloha Friday gangeez!  Can you believe its already mid March?!  Which for me means March Madness and coming to work using fake apps… pretending like I’m being productive while secretly watching not 1, not 2, but 3 monitors with live games!  It’s a blog… you’re supposed to be transparent and honest.  So if any co-workers read this little old post, come by and I’ll tell you my secrets! Haha! No!

What’s Your Excuse Now, Wednesday…


Happy Hump Day Gangeez!  Hope this post finds you in good health and spirits on this wednesday.  

I know, I know… another post and still no Phoenix Marathon recap?  What?!  That’s not what you were thinking of?!  You forgot about it already?! Ha…maybe I should just shelve it?

A Welcomed Distraction…and Kimmy Gibbler, Whaaaaa?


I can’t lie, I’m struggling with writing my Phoenix Marathon recap.  All the professional bloggers in the interwebs who participated in #itsGoingDownAtPHX are putting their race-recaps together and letting everyone know that without a doubt #itWentDownInPHX.  I just can’t get my head wrapped around how to even begin to put “pen to paper” and capture all the sights, all the sounds, all the emotions, all the feelings of what went on this past weekend.  I start and stop…and start up again.  It will get done, I promise.  I just need a mental break.